Witch Hunter 74

OKAY GUYS REALZ,  stop bugging me about wh releases like holy shit.  if we or ANY group isn’t releasing witch hunter, that means that there isn’t anymore volumes out.   So stop bugging me about it, and enjoy the chapter!!!

We’ll probably release it everyday or so, unless something happens!! as a precaution, sorry for the slow website speed.  I had an issue with my other web hosting provider and just recently settled it.  The web hosting we’re using now is temporary.  I should really of migrated the site to the better one before this release… but ohwell!!! i’ll do it tonight since i’m going to go sleep after this!  I’d also like to thank my AWESOME translator Asmodeath for swooping in to save the day!  this chapter was suppose to be released on thursday but, the translator that was suppose to do it bailed on me at the last moment!  But then Asmodeath swooped in like batman and saved the day!!  Honestly all our popular releases were thanks to him!! He’s the one i use for stuff i feel like we need to release fast ;3.  yeyy~!

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Witch Hunter 74

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