50 Million Kilometer

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A bias girl

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Beast 9

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Carnivorous princess yegrinna

Last release: Chapter 25 »

Shik-nam doesn't need women. Who needs them when you've got the catharsis of an intense math equation? Then comes the complication. The animal kingdom is furious with what the world has become, so they sent Yegrinna, the dog princess, to punish the sinful humans for dirtying the world, and she lands right on top of him. What the hell?!

Cat Funeral

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Close Up

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Company Of Heroes

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chapter: Beast 9 15

Dont Cry Bureum

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Dragon Who

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Roa Coatl is on a mission. He must find the descendant of Quetzalcoatl to make her his wife and continue his great race of dragons. However, with no knowledge about love and having no interest in women, will he be able to accomplish his task in human world?
chapter: Beast 9 15

Front Mission

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Ghost Hunter

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Last release: Chapter 07 - Murderer »

A legend says: "A long time ago, God created numerous hardships, he made statements to the world. That statement made each gatekeepers with outstanding abilities stay all around the world. They are called Hon."

King of Hell

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Legend of Maian

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Legend of Tyr

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Need a Girl

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One Shots

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Random Raws

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Shes Gon

Last release: Chapter 20 »

chapter: Chapter 20


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The Breaker: NW

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chapter: Chapter 66


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chapter: Chapter 66
Witch Hunter 76
Witch Hunter 75
Witch Hunter 74
Witch Hunter 73
Witch Hunter 72
Witch Hunter 71
Witch Hunter 70
Witch Hunter 69
Witch Hunter 68
Witch Hunter 67
Vol.012 Ch.066 And It Begins
Vol.012 Ch.065 The Truth
Vol.012 Ch.064 Collapse
Vol.012 Ch.063 Truth
Vol.012 Ch.062 002 Years
Vol.012 Ch.061 Assassin's Tears
Vol.012 Ch.060 Read Online
Vol.012 Ch.059 The Time To End
Vol.011 Ch.053 Sovereign Fist
Vol.011 Ch.052.005 Read Online
Vol.010 Ch.052 The King Who Vanished and the King Who Stayed
Vol.010 Ch.051 Severance of Contract
Vol.010 Ch.050 One's Desire
Vol.010 Ch.049 Return
Vol.010 Ch.048 Complete Dominance
Vol.010 Ch.047 Mistaken Truth
Vol.009 Ch.046 Tania Doberg
Vol.009 Ch.045 Egg of the Beginning
Vol.009 Ch.044 Choice
Vol.009 Ch.043 Sealed Memory
Vol.009 Ch.042 Important Person
Vol.009 Ch.041 Mana Supply
Vol.009 Ch.040 Power Difference
Vol.009 Ch.039 Dignity
Vol.008 Ch.038 Ambush of the Witches
Vol.008 Ch.037 Knights of the Round Table
Vol.008 Ch.036 Sorella
Vol.008 Ch.035 The 008th Rank Warrior God
Vol.008 Ch.034 Compatible Mana
Vol.008 Ch.033 Condition
Vol.008 Ch.032 Let It Snow
Vol.007 Ch.031 Song of Moirae
Vol.007 Ch.030 Endless Roses
Vol.007 Ch.029 Things I Didn't Know
Vol.007 Ch.028 Reunion
Vol.007 Ch.027 Traitor
Vol.007 Ch.026 The Right to Fight
Vol.007 Ch.025 Naraka
Vol.006 Ch.024 Human's Intelligence
Vol.006 Ch.023 White Class
Vol.006 Ch.022 The Key
Vol.006 Ch.021 Dispatch
Vol.005 Ch.020 What It Means to Become a King
Vol.005 Ch.019 Assassination
Vol.005 Ch.018 Sun, Moon and Star
Vol.005 Ch.017 The Witch Who Doesn't Exist
Vol.004 Ch.016 Contract of Destruction
Vol.004 Ch.015 Time Over
Vol.004 Ch.014 Dimensional Gallery
Vol.004 Ch.013 Power and Speed
Vol.003 Ch.012 Seal
Vol.003 Ch.011 The Secret Garden
Vol.003 Ch.010 Evidence
Vol.003 Ch.009 Stations
Vol.002 Ch.008 Supporter of Commoners
Vol.002 Ch.007 The Second Witch
Vol.002 Ch.006 Swift Fist
Vol.002 Ch.005 The Red Thread
Vol.001 Ch.004 Shadow of the Abyss
Vol.001 Ch.003 Witch Hunt
Vol.001 Ch.002 Help
Vol.001 Ch.001 Self-deceived Witch

Witch Hunter

Last release: Witch Hunter 76 »

chapter: Witch Hunter 76


Last release: XenoGlossia 01 »

chapter: XenoGlossia 01

Xo Sister

Last release: Xo Sister 13 »

chapter: Xo Sister 13


Last release: Yureka 212 »

Zen Martial Arts Academy

Last release: 29 - Match 29 »

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